Skid Mounted Systems

Thanks to the acquired competences and references on industrial systems, at the beginning of the two-thousands KM Engineering‘s core business changed to a full-service engineering model, ever since its expertise allowed to provide Clients with turn-key solutions, designed, supplied and built fully complete and ready to operate.

By capitalizing on its in-depth expertise and close cooperation with Partners and Clients, KMES is always looking for new and advanced solutions. The result is a product beyond the traditional engineering. KMES develops the following skidded systems:
    • Air & Gas compression & treatment systems
    • Air & Gas dryers
    • Chemical injection and dosing packages
    • Nitrogen generation (using membranes)
    • Nitrogen and oxygen generation (with PSA technology)
    • Polluted Water Treatments
    • Immiscible liquid separation (e.g. Oil / Water)
    • Liquid filtration on membranes
    • Reverse osmosis packages