Main features

KMES and its partners can supply complete skid mounted compression packages with the following operating data:
    • Horizontal, vertical and V-type reciprocating compressors
    • Screw type compressors
    • Booster compressors
    • Oil-free or mini-lubricated
    • Pressure up to 180 bar(g)
    • Up to 6 stages
    • Drive up to 1.000 kW
    • API compliant solutions
    • Solutions for many toxic and corrosive gases
    • Suction temperatures from -20°C to 130°C
    • V-belt / direct / gear drive
    • Air and water- cooled versions
    • Versions for hazardous areas


Our comprehensive product offering reflects the partnership with the European compressor manufacturer Mehrer Compression GmbH (Germany). Thanks to the collaboration with such a leader international company and KMES experience in designing and assembling packagings (in compliance with the main International Design Standards), our Group set up a strong team developing tailor-made solutions in Air & Gas Compression and Treatment, including auxiliary equipment (i.e., dryers, filters, control system, etc.)

Reciprocating compressors

Parallel with such structural enhancement, KM Engineering started in 2004 the partnership with Mehrer Compression GmbH, worldwide known German producer of completely customized reciprocating air compressors, providing clients as official agent both in Italy and in the Middle East area.