Procurement & Construction

Daily commitment

Professionally structuring the worldwide procurement of materials and investment goods as well as a clever logistics are part of the greatest challenges to companies in order to withstand international competition successfully in future.

Day by day, KMES focuses increasingly on optimizing procurement and construction processes, ensuring strategic and trusted sub-vendor selection, based on the specific conditions of each project to be realized.

Sub-vendors and material quality

Sub-vendor performance and management are critical elements of operational excellence for KMES, who works with clients all around the world to deliver the best supplies and services on time and at the best price, leading to overall project success.

One of the strongest skill of KMES is its certified system of European sub-vendors, which ensures the best quality and complete control of every step of production process.

Continuous customer’s update and support

Drawing on significant experience, our procurement and construction services provide every customized solution to meet clients’ specific requirements. Moreover, our clients always benefit from the well-oiled communication with KMES Project Manager, since transparency and continuous client’s support are our top priorities.

Inspections and Final Acceptance Tests

During all the construction phase, and prior to delivery or final installation, clients are put in condition to make sure that every equipment operates as intended without disturbances, verifying through every sort of test (witnessed or certified by the manufacturer) that all specifications and contractual requirements are met.