About Our Company

The Story so far


Since the end of the nineties, KM Engineering is a worldwide reference company in the engineering market. At the very beginning,
KM Engineering focused its main activities on piping design, structural and carpentry layouts, all the while experiencing standard and special design techniques and developing a deep know-how along the years.


KMES team have developed a network of highly-regarded external specialists, consultants, advisors and contractors creating a ‘tailor-made’ working group with a significant experience.

KMES is able to access and utilize specific expertise in the time and manner to best suit the specific needs of individual projects.

This enable to benefit from scales and breadth of expertise impossible to find in a single organization.


Company information

Our policy

KM Engineering & Service S.r.l. (KMES) always propose and adopt the best engineering solutions, in order to get the full satisfaction of the Client, in accordance with the most acknowledged quality and environmental international standards.

Our skills

KMES strengths lie in: Consolidated and proved know-how and experience in the implementation of important industrial projects Careful attention to the specific Customer's needs, often leading to tailor-made solutions during project development Versatile personnel, constituted by mechanical, electrical, information, chemical and civil engineers, providing all sort of competences and covering every possible Client need Constant commitment to the application and use of technological innovation.

Our markets

KMES Clients are located all over the world, operating in the following industrial sectors:

  • Power production
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Refineries
  • Oil and gas (off-shore/on-shore)
  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Water / Waste treatment
  • Natural-gas cogeneration
  • Industrial gas production
  • Utility packages
  • Food and pharmaceutical
  • PET blowing
  • Bioenergy

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