On-Site & After Sales

Start-up and commissioning

Ensuring proper hook-up and initial setup of the installation guarantees performance and warranty of our product. KMES provides all kind of expert technicians for start-up and commissioning operations, basing on our proved expertise, as well as on possible client’s specific requests at the bidding phase.

Maintenance and spare-parts supply

KMES commitment doesn’t stop at the delivery of goods: our complete range of services ensure the maintenance of the system throughout its life.

As first priority of our work, we take care of our client’s satisfaction by recommending and supplying all the needed spare-parts, for the efficient operation of our installations around the world.


In addition to the above services, on demand we can provide tailored training programs at the client, or directly on-site.

Client can benefit from training campaign, since it provides not qualified operators with basic knowledge concerning our system operation and ordinary maintenance, operational faults, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance schedule.